Mountain Lily Studios

Our Mission

Our mission is to create space for health and wellness to flourish from the inside out. We believe that well designed environments, healthy actions, and mindfully crafted operations can inspire change and build stronger organizations.

Our Values

We practice our values within our business and our daily lives through our thoughts, words, and actions.

Our values aren’t the typical corporate lingo. They are the Yamas from the first limb of the eight-limbed path in yoga and represent moral and ethical guides for how to live one’s life to create a positive impact. We believe in creating organizations that are human-centric and community-oriented and we practice what we preach.

Our Vision

We seek to create a world where health and wellness prevail throughout our organizations, our spaces, and our mindset. We believe in inspired balance and connection within people and our planet to support a better tomorrow.

Behind Our Name

Our name comes from the understanding that in order to flourish, we must grow our roots deep and nourish them from the inside out. Mountain lilies are designed to thrive in some of the harshest conditions and yet year after year they prevail with a graceful balance between rugged ingenuity and beauty.

Our logo at first glance is that of a lily with 6 petals. It also stems from the golden ratio, mathematically, the Fibonacci sequence (yes, we are a bit nerdy, but we’re okay with that). The golden ratio is seen throughout our world; in nature, in human proportions, in sacred geometry and it has been used throughout history in design, architecture, art, and photography. It encompasses who we are and our holistic view of the world and our work. Through the understanding of connectivity, and that nothing is truly separate, we are always striving to create a better tomorrow.

"The greatest illusion of this world is the illusion of separation. Things you think are separate and different are actually one and the same."

-Guru Pathik

We Are Adventure Seekers

We love exploring this amazing world and the beautiful Rocky Mountains right here in our own Coloradoan backyard. We also love sharing our adventures and experiences with others! We offer (and encourage) leadership and yoga retreats, hiking adventures, stargazing yoga excursions, and more. We also hold open workshops as well as customized corporate retreats.

Workshops and Events for 2021 will resume in Spring 


Tara Clack, WELL AP

Principal + CEO

As principal and CEO of Mountain Lily Studios, Tara balances the genius of big picture creativity and bold ideas, with the technical skills and project management chops to bring projects to life.

A self-proclaimed lover of building codes with a penchant for unique concepts, she creates spaces that speak to her client’s brand and their people.

Mountain Lily Studios was born from the concept of building a company that not only designed memorable, human-centric spaces, but also worked with clients to build out programs that impacted their people’s well-being.

Tara is actively involved in her community though her involvement and leadership in WIRED as well as through her support of local non-profits such as Sleep Tight Colorado.

She is a WELL Accredited Professional (WELL AP) which is a health and well-being credential that denotes her expertise in the WELL building standard to build safer spaces and healthier communities.

Education, Accreditation and Involvement

Bachelor's in interior design


Company Mascot

Gypsy is a pup who has lived up to her name! Found wandering the streets of Las Vegas as a wee lass, she was rescued and soon became a well-traveled and cultured pup.  Spoiled rotten by her humans you can often find her lounging in the office, chewing on a new favorite toy or out exploring the mountains. Her nicknames "Dirt Dog", "Lil Pup", "LP" and "Gypsy Poughkeepsie" are often turned into new creative sons at home and at the office.