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Community Workshops

We offer a variety of workshops geared towards health and wellness of the mind, body and soul.  We also believe in creating strong communities and supporting other local businesses.  Community events support local business owners, create awareness and bring people together.  We love partnering with other businesses.  Let us know how we can help!

All are Welcome!

Our community events are for everyone!  Our mission is to create fun, accessible events, so we can bring together and build community.  Our community events are a great way to bring some wellness into your life, while connecting with friends and building new experiences!


Yoga Events

We partner with other local business owners to bring you fun and engaging events that build wellness and community.  Check out our schedule for upcoming events!

Wellness Adventures

From hiking yoga, morings wilderness flows, full moon yoga, and even astroyoga under the stars, we believe in connecting with the world around us to connect to ourselves.


Workshops are for growth.  We build our workshops to bring interactive wellness to the community.  

March 2023

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“She opened and closed each session with such appropriate thoughts I sometimes through she was in my head!  The position adjustments she taught me greatly improved my poses to avoid injury and strengthen my body.  I can’t recommend her and Mountain Lily Studios enough.”

Shawna Anderson Argenziano 
Shawna Anderson Argenziano

“I love Tara’s class!  Tara visits our business each week, and it has been a fun way to connect with co-workers, stretch out, and get some exercise.  She challengers us, but keeps it fun and lighthearted.  I appreciate the variety of poses, the encouragement, and the modifications for different levels.”

Rose Ruther 
Rose Ruther

“Tara is an incredibly intentional yoga instructor. She always plans her flows modified for our abilities and what we are wanting to focus on. She incorporates mindfulness and even Sanskrit tidbits that help connect us to our practice between sessions. Her voice is soothing and her knowledge of the body and yoga practice is extensive. I would highly recommend Mountain Lily Studios for any ability level or body type.”

Maggie Martin 
Maggie Martin

“My company had Tara come in for a series of “Wellness Wednesdays” and it was so wonderful. We hosted this over lunch for our clients and got nothing but positive reviews from each attendee. The classes were made for any levels but was modified as needed. One of the best yoga classes I have ever taken! We will be scheduling more.“

Kashiea Walsh 
Kashiea Walsh

“Doing these classes really kicked off a massive improvement in my health. It made me realize how out of shape I was and motivated me to make improvements on several levels. I actually joined a gym for weight training, stopped drinking, and along with the yoga practice this has helped me to lose 25lbs and feel so much better in general.  Great way to wind down the week too and ease into the weekend.  It was a the kick-start I needed and I look forward to it every week.”

Brandon Kelly 
Brandon Kelly

“I needed something that would help me feel grounded again. Tara took me through a personal yoga session, which let me explore my emotions while also helping me physically reconnect with myself. She showed me the healing powers of being in a state of practice. I’m so thankful for her thoughtful, focused approach that also includes a few laughs.”

Anne-Marie Coughlin 
Anne-Marie Coughlin

“She’s been amazing… a teacher who works with people of every age, skill and health level to help them achieve their goals. Roughly 20% of our company participates in her classes.When we were polled about which are our favorite “perks” of employment, Tara’s yoga classes were at the top of the list!”

Abbie Gade 
Abbie Gade